Daimler and Lanchester
History and Models
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The very last Series 3 to be made was a Daimler Double Six. In 1986, the XJ40 was launched and from the start the Daimler variant was made. The body shell of the new XJ40 would not accommodate the old V12 engine and in 1993, a new 6 litre V12, delivering 315 bhp was introduced, 75% of sales of which were expected to be Daimlers. The top speed of this model was now 155 mph. Meanwhile, Ford had gained control of the Jaguar Company in 1989, with a promise that they would retain their individuality. The last Daimler Limousine was handed over in February 1994, which meant that the classic XK engine had lasted 44 years, one of the longest-surviving engine designs in automotive history. The new X300 of 1994 also bears the Daimler marque and the long wheelbase V12 Double six, launched in 1995, is one way Ford are carrying the Daimler name more effectively. The Daimler Century 1896-1996 was celebrated by the making for one year only a model called the Daimler Century, the ultimate Daimler and one of the finest cars ever built. The latest Daimlers have the V8 Supercharged engine developing 370bhp.
The Jaguar range (X350) launched in 2002 had a limited number Daimler badged. The last Daimler badged car was built in 2007 and was X357 V8 supercharged model.
The launch of the Jaguar XF in 2007 and the XJ in 2009 have not produced any Daimler variants to date.
In 2008 TATA the Indian company took over Jaguar/Landrover so it will be interesting to see what the future holds .

Possibly the last Daimler badge Jaguar model