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 Great War

THE GREAT WAR 1914-1918
At the outset of the Great War, in 1914, Daimler greatly increased its output of commercial engines for buses, lorries etc. During the Great War they produced over 4000 lorries as well as producing aircraft engines and aircraft themselves, ammunition shells and engines for the new war machine, the tank, lorry, tankwagon, warbus, aircraft, shells.

The Prince of Wales on a visit to the front noticed a sizeable fleet of Daimler military lorries and said "it seems to me that the Daimler people are running this war".

Plane Shells
Daimler built BE12 Zeppelin Buster Daimler made more 12inch shells than any other company
Ambulance Mk1 Tank
Daimler Ambulance MK 1 Tank
Entered service in 1916 and was first used in the battle of Flers-Courcelette in the Somme Offensive
Transport workshop
Troop Transport Mobile Workshop