Daimler and Lanchester
History and Models
logo 1896 to the Present

Daimler 2.5 V8 (Approximately 20,000 V8 engines in the Daimler V8 and SP250 and 2000 4.5 V8 used in the Majestic Major were made in total)
Daimler DR450 Majestic Major
Daimler Majestic Major 1962
Daimler DS420 based on the Jaguar MKX (photo by Roger Morley)
Daimler Series 1- 2.8
Daimler Series 2 Coupe 1976
Daimler Series 1
Daimler Series 2 1974
A Nice Series 2 Coupe 1978 (photo Robert Knight16 on Flkr)
1973 2.8 series 2 (photo from jagman41 on Flkr)
DS420 ex HM Queen Mum
Made by the Ogle company this Daimler XS250 never came to full production and the design was sold to the Reliant company which built it as the Scimitar.