Daimler and Lanchester
History and Models
logo 1896 to the Present

1923 TJ45
HM Queen Mary with a TJ 45hp Daimler in 1923
1923 16hp Chassis
1926 45hp
This 1924 (although regarded as a 1926 vehicle) with a 45hp chassis, Barker bodied Daimler panelled out of nickel, was reputedly carried out of the jungle on 4 elephants after its discovery in the 1970s and then restored. It was originally commissioned for the 23 year old Maharajah of Rewa, and had only covered 3900 miles when discovered
1928 16/55
1928 16/55 Tourer
1928 double 6
1928 Daimler Double Six 30 Tourer
1929 Double Six 30 For HM King George V
1931 Daimler Double 6 -50 Formal Saloon
1931 Daimler Double 6 -50 with a Corsica Body
interior King G V
Interior of King George V Daimler Double Six in 1935
light straight 8
1936 Light Straight Eight 3.5 timed at 90mph at Brooklands
daimler 15
1939 Daimler 15 2.5 litre Drop Head coupe
Winston Churchill's Daimler 1932 - 1952 a 35hp Barker with his Mascot
1st mobile radio
This was the first of the Daimlers used by the Victoria (Australia)Police Wireless Patrol, known as the 'Yellow Peril'. Standing is Constable Fred Canning inventor of the first transmitter operating from a moving vehicle.
daimler 15
Daimler 15 (photo by Maljoe on Flickr)